Thank you for visiting Kids-R-Chefs  It's our goal to offer cooking classes to kids ages 8 to 14 years of age interested in cooking. We understand kids may not be able to afford cooking classes. Kids-R-Chefs Academy has created a scholarship opportunity for kids that qualify.        

Classes are $35 per class. If you know of a kid that you would like to sponsor or give this opportunity to a deserving kid please complete the form below and make your donation for a minimal contribution of $35 to cover the cost of the class. We will also be offering other opportunities thought the academy in the near future such as tutoring, mentorship and more. Our cooking program was established first because we believe cooking is a common ground for everyone. Upon completion of  the cooking class, kids will receive various rewards and recognition at the end of the quarter.                                        

Please consider one of the donation options: Sponsorship, Scholarship Donation or Donation to further Kids-R-Chefs Academy.    

In full disclosure, our 501(c)(3) process has started but hasn't been completed. Your donation therefore will not be tax deductible. We hope to update this soon to say it will be, but for now, unfortunately you may not claim any donatins to KidsRChefs Academy for a tax deduction.  

* Please review maximum donation eligible without 501-c3 to assure the maxium taxable deduction available. 

Thank you for your Donations!

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I am HAPPY and PROUD that YOU are giving these kids something positive and aspiring to look forward to. The looks, smiles and determination on their faces are uplifting and inspiring. Keep up the good work. 

You are the village.

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