Welcome To: Kids-R-Chefs Academy

Our goal is to inspire and teach children the basics about cooking, so they can prepare meals for themselves in a safe, fun,nutritious and interactive way.

Offered To:

  • Children ages 8-14
  • Food deserts
  • The young foodie
  • Young food artist


Services Offered:

  • Hands on cooking classes that are 1-hour long
  • Prepare meals, sides dishes, entrees, and or dessert from around the world i.e.: Germany. Spain, China, Brazil. All meal will be child friendly for continued reproduction at home to teach parents.
  • Each class to be taught by a skilled and well trained chefs, that will interact with each student and provide handouts for each chef to take home.
  • Class sizes of 5-10 student to offer a personal experience
  • Students will work with professional grade kitchen equipment.
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